Clear back in 1992, a hankerin’ for good barbecue had us looking all over Eugene for a place to fill our bellies. There weren’t any, so we opened our own! Our first location opened in 1993 and we’ve been sharing our food with folks ever since.

We started with just three sandwiches plus barbequed beans, potato salad and slaw, all delicious and made from scratch, and we’ve always sourced the best meats around, low-smoked for 18 hours over real hardwood.

It was simple, and so good that folks seemed to want more, so in 2008, we opened up a second Hole In the Wall in Springfield.

Today, we serve even more variety of barbecue made the same as always – simple, delicious, and from scratch. We’ve got breakfast at our Springfield location, plus a tap room with 20 handles of Oregon beer as well as a full service lounge. We also serve food to go, so you can take some home to your loved ones. If you’ve got a hankering for good ol’ fashioned simple barbecue, stop by one of our two locations and fill your belly.

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